Most people think of using mangoes as breakfast juice or a dessert item. However, they are so versatile that mangoes can make a great ingredient in lunch and dinner menus. They add moisture and a flavorful sweetness to a variety of foods. If your family is bored with the same old recipes, give them a tropical boost with mango.

A Great Ingredient

A great ingredient is one that blends well with other foods and adds flavor, texture and solid nutrition to a meal. Mango has no fat, cholesterol, or sodium but is a good source of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Its soft texture makes it easy to puree and combine in recipes. The flavor permeates a recipe without becoming overpowering.


Marinate meat when it is tough or you intend to grill it. Citrus marinades break down the tough fibres. Alter the ingredients to change the intensity. Combine chili sauce and mango pulp for a spicy marinade. Blend equal amounts of orange juice and mango for a fruity marinade. Mix with garlic, cumin and other spices for an Asian marinade.

Salad Ingredient

Add cubed mango to green salads, gelatin molds, and fresh fruit salads. Moreover, use mango as the main ingredient in salad dressing for a low-calorie, fresh alternative to bottled stuff. Include mango as part of a healthy diet. Find hundreds of great recipes at the website.


Mango relish takes only a few minutes to prepare. Use it to top pork chops, chicken, quesadillas, fish, and hamburgers. Put mango relish in the centre of beef roll-ups, stuffed shrimp or other stuffed entrees.

Stuffed and Stuffing

Add mango to your favourite stuffing recipe. It makes the bread moist and tasty. Alternately, stuff mangoes the same as you would bell peppers. You do not need to alter the seasonings in your ground meat mixture. If you do not like the taste of mango skin, then simply scoop out the insides and toss the skin in the compost pile. Mango skins are a love-hate affair with people.


The next time you make rice pudding, add 1 cup of pureed mango pulp to the rice. Season as usual with cinnamon and nutmeg. For dinner rice, stir in small chunks of cooked mango just before serving the rice. Mango cooks best in simmering water in a saucepan. It should be tender in 15 minutes.

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